* By Donating any Women Hygiene & Sanitation Products

Cost effective Sanitary napkin : we have been supplying cost effective sanitary napkin branded as “Vcare sanitary napkin” through aagnwadi centers, schools and collages . Our aim to develop better menstrual hygienic practices among the adolescent girls would be prosper with your support .You would donate sanitary napkins for a girl to fulfill her whole year requirement. This donation is not mere charity ,it means a lot for her freedom and independence. Support us in reducing the school absenteeism due to lack of sanitary facilities..

* Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

We have designed sanitary napkin vending machines branded as “Vcare Vend” .And installed it in and around rural and semi urban areas so that girls and women have free and regular access their necessity.

* Sanitary Napkin Incinerator

The used napkins generally thrown in bins or flushed into drains leading to clogging or they were disposed off in a most unhygienic way. If we are focusing on development of personal hygienic practices and motivate girls to use sanitary napkin, at the same time we must teach them safe disposal of sanitary napkin.

* Sponsor an awareness campaign on women health and Hygiene

Our team of qualified nurses sensitizes the rural women to the importance of health, hygiene and
sanitation. They engage with the women through interactive sessions and enquired about the
major hurdles they face in using sanitary napkins such as its non-availability in villages, overpricing of the product by the shopkeeper and the gender hurdle in asking for such products
from a male.

* By Supporting in establishment of Entrepreneurship & Livelihood Projects :

Our team motivates women living in the rural as well as in semi urban areas about their rights and gender equality. Special sessions for the ladies doing their household works but would like to support their families in income generation and empowerment are conducted. Importance of child education, health care, and support to their family income are the major issues on which, we take steps towards women empowerment.

Our main projects :
• Hygienic Cost Effective Sanitary Napkins
• Orthopedic & Surgical Products Manufacturing Project
• Incense Stick Manufacturing
• Repacking Units Of Various Consumer Goods

* By organizing a skill Development program

Skills and knowledge are the motivating force of the financial growth and community development of any country. Skill development trainings are required to upgrade skills of a person which will in future become an income generation activity. Our organization has been providing various skill
development programs such as – Decorative Art work, Hand embroidery, Imitation Jewelry designing, Soft Toys making, Designer Paper bags & envelop making, Incense Sticks manufacturing, Sanitary napkin manufacturing