‘V-Care’ is an initiative of Healthy living development society towards women hygiene and Environmental care, registered in under Trade mark.
V-care is a joint Initiative of Healthy living Development Society (HLDS) and Women & Child Development (WCD) Indore, which had taken in 2011 by establishing sanitary napkin production unit Under SABLA scheme of GOI. As one of the leading community based brand of rural and semi urban region of Madhya Pradesh-INDIA. Our mission is to provide beneficiaries with affordable, hygienic and convenient sanitary napkins. We are strongly committed to deliver good quality napkins to our beneficiaries at their door.

The main objectives of introducing V-care are to promotion of menstruation hygiene education and supply quality sanitary napkins to nonusers. From 2010 onwards V-Care has reached to the nerves of social entities which is lacking in term of healthy living and ensure the effective implementation of the goal by educating the end user. For the same V-care has introduce Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine under the brand name of “V-care vend” to ensure availability of affordable napkins and for creating awareness.
The gender-unfriendly school culture and infrastructure, and the lack of adequate and affordable menstrual protection alternatives and private sanitation facilities for female at rural places.
These draw a conclusion that menstrual hygiene is a problem not only in rural as well as in urban places. By a multi sectored approach, we decided to provide Accessible, Available, Affordable and Acceptable menstrual sanitary material
Under the banner head of V-CARE we have had three successful launches
V-CARE Sanitary Napkin
V-CARE Vending Machine
V-CARE Sanitary Napkin Destroyer

To facilitate awareness program to adolescent girls and women by giving them right education about menstruation hygiene and its importance.

At V-care, we’re committed to achieving social business and sustainable model while leaving a positive imprint on society-delivering what we call ‘Making Your First Happiness ‘