Entrepreneurship: Livelihood Projects

“There is no substitute to woman empowerment if we have to bring social equality in this country. If women are unhappy, individual homes, society and nation will not prosper.” Said President Pratibha Patil. Our team motivates women living in the rural as well as in semi urban areas about their rights and gender equality. Special sessions for the ladies doing their household works but would like to support their families in income generation and empowerment are conducted. Importance of child education, health care, and support to their family income are the major issues on which, we take steps towards women empowerment. We take meetings of self help groups to know their problems and motivate them to start a cottage industry. Our major activities for women empowerment are:-
  1. SHG formation .
  2. Training and production center establishment.
  3. Women livelihood center establishment.
  4. Backward And forward linkage for SHG.
  5. Skill development and capacity building.
  6. Women personal health and hygiene equipments and solution.
  7. Survey and report.

Our main projects :


In rural areas though the environment is thought to be comparatively clean than city areas, now-a-days in rural areas also the living atmosphere is gradually deteriorating and due to the lack of awareness/adequate knowledge among the people their living standards are not at all hygienic. It is often found that the people living specially in very backward areas are suffering from different diseases due to their ignorance on self cleanliness. Another important factor is that the rural women and girls generally do not maintain cleanliness during menstruation period. As a result they become the host of many infectious diseases. This is due to lack of awareness among them and also due to the economic inability for adopting better precautions like use of good sanitary napkins during menstruation period. Usually different varieties of sanitary napkins are found available in the market. Poor menstrual hygiene reported to be one of the reasons for the high prevalence of STIs and RTIs in the country. Poor menstrual hygiene reported to be one of the reasons for the high prevalence of STIs and RTIs in the country.

Towards addressing this problem and to ensure the menstrual hygiene of the rural women, we feel the need for introducing a quality sanitary napkin at an affordable price.
Some of the main missions of this project were to empower women not just by providing employment but also by popularizing and sensitizing the use of sanitary napkins among the rural women and girls and thereby rescuing them from venereal diseases. We also established and started preparation of cost effective sanitary napkins in a scientific way for the better health and hygiene among rural women and girls.At present wings type sanitary napkin in different sizes are available in market of different multinational companies. So we need to develop a model that could manufacture similar product available in market. So that Women SHGs who are manufacturing of sanitary napkin would easily sale their produce. Theses sanitary napkins having high absorbency, comfortable and available in different sizes i.e. regular,large,extra large ,maternity type.

Orthopedics is defined as a branch of medicine in which surgeons specifically focus on issues related to the musculoskeletal system. Non-surgical means involves the use of orthopedic products recommended by an orthopedic surgeon. Doctor recommended orthopedics and orthopedic products can improve your overall quality of life and help you to live pain-free.

Sooner or later in life, everyone will experience the downs as well as the ups of life. Occasionally these downs result in bodily injury which will require the use of orthopaedic products to aid in the healing process. A physician will guide the patient to the proper support devise for his ailment, but then it is up to the patient to follow through with that advice and find the right product for orthopaedics, like a brace. Every joint that aches now has an orthopaedic product to immobilize it while the body heals itself, and one of the most commonly injured is the knee; even though it is the heaviest and best protect joint in humans. Among orthopaedic surgeries done, the knee is operated on most frequently. It is not surprising then, that one of the first things that people associate with orthopaedic products are knee braces.

Hence, Healthy Living Development Society brought this innovative project, for self help group empowerment, by putting the concept of manufacturing of non-surgical orthopedic products.
Some of the main missions of this project were to provide knowledge of Orthopedic products and its uses, which later be used for their own benefit.
We also provided information for different market techniques of orthopedic product to SHG members. The skills were up graded of the SHG members by providing training of manufacturing of non-surgical orthopedic product And henceforth they were given an innovative approach of income generation for SHGs.

The burning incense in religious and social functions has been practiced in India since early times. Dhup an aromatic powder or paste is burnt in Indian homes as a fragrant fumigant an is reputed to possess insecticidal and antiseptic properties. Agarbatiis also known as dubattis similar to joss sticks are a development of dhup. Agarbattis are obtainable in different colors and with different perfumes. The burning time of agarbatti varies from 15 minutes to 3 hours depending on quality and

Majority of agarbattis manufactured are of cheap quality containing only charcoal powered, low quality sandal wood powder with wood gum powder. Agarbatti industry is labour intensive cottage type of traditional activity in India. The main marketing centers are situated in Mysore and Bangalore in India. It can be taken up in rural areas without any difficulty. It requires only low technology for manufacturing the agarbatties.
4). Repacking units of various consumer goods

Our organization always brings new & innovative technologies and ideas for implementation among the women to get involve them in empowerment activities at a lower cost. It’s a very unique and may starts at lower cost in rural or semi urban area. This project work is related to packaging of the product. Women group buy in bulk quantity from us , then they do primary packaging of the product. Primary packaging is the material that first envelops the product and holds it. This usually is the smallest unit of distribution or use and is the package which is in direct contact with the contents. The product will be packed under hygienic and controlled environment. Following are the products that can be repacked into integrated brand by the women groups

  • All Spices mix powder
  • Turmeric powder,
  • Red chilly powder,
  • coriander powder etc.,
  • Sanitary napkin(loose),
  • Samolina(rawa) ,
  • Wheat Dalia,
  • Gram flour etc.

We have been working within the MP- NRLM’s (DPIP) Women( one of the MP’s govt department) . our organization has implemented Sanitary napkin repackaging units at different places of MP. In this model we provides Ultra violet -UV machine for women group to sterilize napkins before its primary packaging. Women group buy sanitary napkin in a certain quantity for reselling purpose. Then ready packets will be sold out at local market. By this way women group will save packaging cost so that the ready product cost will be lower than other related products of the same category.