CSR Projects

We are a Non government organization, catering to the needs of rural women and adolescent girls in India. We aim to empower needy women by providing them with various skill development and vocational training programs that will help them overcome the vicious cycle of poverty. We humbly invite corporate to conduct their organization’s corporate responsibility programs through our NGO. Below is a list of different kinds of projects we have undertaken in two categories:-

1. Women empowerment & Livelihood projects

(i). Sanitary napkin manufacturing Training & production center with ESSAR Foundation for Mahan coal Ltd. at Singrauli

Mahan Coal Ltd. is an equal joint venture between Essar Power Ltd. and Hindalco Industries Ltd. It is a natural resources development company focused on creating value through exploration, extraction and processing of the nations geological assets, specifically coal. It has been allotted the Mahan Coal Block located in Singrauli district of Madhya Pradesh.Singrauli is the biggest energy capital of India. Where power plants are the biggest employers.Essar foundation approached us for develop a sanitary napkin manufacturing unit at their Training and production center.Since our organization had been working on menstrual hygiene development through establishing sanitary napkin manufacturing unit for women SHGs. we set up a sanitary napkin manufacturing machine at Singrauli and provided training to the local women on how the napkins are manufactured. Currently more than 40 women are employed at this center.


Sanitary napkin manufacturing training ,Singrulli(MP)

(ii). Sanitary napkin manufacturing training and production center establishment with SHE project of United spirit Ltd at dist.Alwar (Raj.).
United Spirits Limited (USL) is a subsidiary of Diageo plc which is a global leader in beverage alcohol with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, beer and wine categories. Founded in 1826, USL is the largest Indian spirits company involved in the manufacture, sale and distribution of beverage alcohols. USL has been doing work for women empowerment focusing on education and skills under their CSR activities. Our organization has rigorous work experience in setting up of microenterprise for women ,training & skill development program. In this project, we have provided technology for cost effective sanitary napkin manufacturing along with three days training program. The women group in Dist. Alwar were very happy after knowing the technology of sanitary napkin manufacturing. The finished product was sold out in local areas of Dist. Alwar.
(iii).Creating leader from ordinary women with Art of Living
Art of living is an non-governmental organization involved in humanitarian projects with a special focus on stress elimination.The Art of Living’s vision of women empowerment is to restore the power, dignity and respect in women that they enjoyed during Vedic times. For more than three decades now, the Art of Living has been relentlessly working to improve the status of women in India. They are providing education and employment opportunities for them and helping them to be happy and confident so that they help in creating a healthy and a harmonious society. Our organization has been closely with the Marginalized and underprivileged communities who needs such kind of support. We have provided some pedal operated insense stick making machines to the women group with Art of Living at Indore. These women got trained for insense stick(Agarbatti) making by our team and ,now they all are perfect not only in manufacturing but marketing of raw battis also. The life has now changed for these women , they are independent ,confident and leader of their family in true sense.

2. Sanitation Projects

(i). Development of hygiene practices of female labour with Pratibha Syntex Ltd. at Pithampur z

Pratibha Syntex Ltd. launched its operations in the year 1997. India’s first vertical manufacturing set up, Pratibha made its foray into organic farming in the year 1999. In the following year, the company integrated into Knitting-Dyeing-Garmenting. Today Pratibha boasts one of the largest control networks of farmers in the world, providing education in organic farming practices and support for over 30.000 farmers across 4 states of India.
Women work roughly twice as many as many hours as men. The tasks performed by women are usually those that require them to be in one position for long periods of time, which can adversely affect their health and hygiene, which decreases their working capacity. Our team has visited the working women hostels, work places at Pratibha syntax ltd.,Pithampur and advised them to install Sanitary napkin vending machine along with destroyer to meet menstrual emergencies of female labour. We have installed sanitary napkin vending machine in their women’s hostel and made them habitual to use sanitary napkin. Moreover for the safe disposal, a sanitary napkin incinerator was also installed in the women hostels.

(ii). Installation of sanitary napkin vending machine with CSR fund

Awareness of the importance of personal health and hygiene is an important first step in improving the standard of living for the community.The gender-unfriendly school culture and infrastructure, and the lack of adequate and affordable menstrual protection alternatives and private sanitation facilities for female at rural places.These draw a conclusion that menstrual hygiene is a problem not only in rural as well as in urban places. For the same, our organization has introduced Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine under the brand name of “V-care vend” to ensure availability of affordable napkins and for creating awareness.We have suggested some organization to install sanitary napkin vending machine for schools and Aaganwadi centers. As we have installed sanitary napkin vending machine at Kendriya Vidhyalaya,Indore and Aaganwadi centers at Narsinghgarh(Dist.Rajgarh) through CSR fund. This project is now increasing level of confidence among the school & college going girls and number of absenteeism decreasing due to lack of sanitary protection in menstrual emergencies.


Vcare Vend at Kendriya Vidhyalaya,Indore


Vcare Vend at Aaganwadi center,Nasinghgarh