We are a Non government organization, catering to the needs of Poor women and adolescent girls in India. We aim to empower needy women by providing them various skill development and vocational training programs that will help them overcome the vicious cycle of poverty.
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We invite corporate to conduct their organization’s corporate responsibility programs through our NGO.

We have done some livelihood projects with the corporate like with the ESSAR Group, Mahan coal Ltd. at Singraulli (MP).This project aims to empower needy women working in farms and household ladies. We have identified the need of such a project which not only support them in income generation but also improves their hygiene and boosts their self-confidence. So a unit of cost effective sanitary napkin manufacturing has been implemented at Singruali. Now 15 women are working at unit and doing their job perfectly. They are not only increasing sales of sanitary napkin in nearby areas but also helping in development of personal hygienic practices and uses of sanitary napkin.